What it is like being Ariel

In the role of any one of the characters you have met in the play so far, give a brief account of what it is like being who you are.




A beautiful prison is a prison still. I have exchanged my entrapment in the dark, for another in the light. I am grateful to no longer be in that terrible place, truly glad to have been freed, but it came at a price; the freedom I so desired. Imprisonment or servitude, a choice no man or spirit wishes to make. Neither option a desirable one.  Gratitude only goes so far, but I will hold to my promise. I will serve my Master and saviour until the time arrives when I will be truly free. Until such day I am left with only my dreams of dancing with the winds, the trees and the streams. Free to roam wherever I wish without the pull of man to do his bidding.  My master is not so bad, he is not an evil man, but the nature of the master does not change the reality of the slave. There is only obedience and trust that he will grant me that which I am owed.

My freedom is promised, I can see it in my future. Patience, patience. My time will come. I hope.



Image: http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/manuscripts/2016/04/22/shakespeare/ariel/


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