Hippolyta’s opinion

You are Hippolyta. Speak your own mind about what you really think about the interactions between Egeus, Thesues, Hermia, Demetrius and Lysander.

Men are ridiculous. To be completely fair the young Hermia seems to sway toward the absurd as well, but my point still stands. I was discussing my upcoming nuptials with my betrothed when this small crowd of chaos barges in. Egeus is yelling about wanting to bring a complaint against his daughter. His own daughter! I don’t understand why he was unable to handle the issue himself and must concern the Duke. Regardless, there is much arm waving and accusatory pointing going on and it doesn’t seem the situation will resolve itself without the Duke’s input. Apparently, Egeus wishes for Hermia to marry Demetrius, but she wants to marry Lysander. They both seem to be good looking young men and, the way Hermia and Egeus are singing their praises, both of good character.

Honestly, just flip a coin you squabbling imbeciles, one decent and attractive man is as good as the next. I have a wedding to plan. I am looking forward to some good entertainment on our wedding day, but from the standard of the people I have met thus far in this city, I am keeping my expectations low.

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