Aus Peer Review 2 – Eliza: Notes and Sketches of NSW

Eliza – Thoughts about Louisa Anne Meredith’s “Notes and Sketches of NSW”

Hi Eliza,

This is a nice summary on “Notes and Sketches of NSW”. I particularly like the last two paragraphs as they give a better idea of your personal impression of the work. The line “she does not feel home yet in that country” is a particularly effective summary of the narrator’s feelings. The earlier paragraphs are more a summary of the piece than your opinion, it would be great to get more of your thoughts in there.

I noticed that you are an exchange student from overseas, as such it would be interesting to get your personal opinion on how the narrators experiences as a newcomer to Australia compare to your own, since you are in a similar situation.


Image taken from Disability Service Consulting:

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