20th Peer Review 2 – Ferdinand: Little Gidding

Ferdinand: Blog 3

Hi Ferdinand,

This entry of yours really struck me because the lines you selected from Little Gidding are very similar to the ones I selected myself, and I can see you had the same line of thought as I did upon reading it. I like how you acknowledge not only the different paths that people take, but also the different timing people have in their lives.

The personal example you provided is a great way to illustrate your point and the one you used is very familiar to most university students which makes it more effective.

Don’t forget to read through your piece, or get a friend to read through it, as there are a couple of awkward phrases and a grammar issues.


Image taken from Himama “Early Childhood Employee Engagement Survey Results (Part 1)” https://www.himama.com/blog/early-childhood-employee-engagement-survey-results-1

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