The Flow of My Mind

Try to write a short paragraph that captures the flow of your own mind.


Quiet. Quiet. Click clack of the keyboard. Am I doing this right? What am I doing? A worry flies in. And another. And another. And another. The first is already gone. The dull beat of distinct music, too far to hear, close enough to feel. A sudden winds gushes, shakes the window, takes me away with it. Follow the wind, joining its friends to play in the treetops. The freedom to fly away is tempting. A slight pain in my back grounds me; I have been sitting too long. My body likes to remind me of time passing when my mind doesn’t keep track. “Time is passing” it groans stiffening a knee. To stretch is a temporary relief. What have you done today? What have you done this year? Like I need the reminder that the years are rushing by. Click Clack. The strokes of a keyboard have replaced the ticking of clocks to remind us that time is passing. We don’t hear clocks tick. Our watches are digital. Our phones even more so. Tick tock is no longer our standard. Click clack is the sound we hear all day. I miss studying philosophy sometimes, thoughts like that are valid. Useless, but valid. Quiet. The music is gone, the wind is settled. Thoughts are hard to follow in the quiet. It is deafening.




Image: “Examining Series 8 New Title sequence” Doctor Who TV




  1. Mikaela, Wow! I love your blog as the title “The Flow of My Mind” really stood out to me. A million different words are always running through my mind too. I think you write with great creativity. I also feel; I can relate to you from the perspective of “Am I doing this right.” I think this rhetorical question deeply invites the reader to think about themselves in certain situations. You use a range of repetitive words that always link back to sounds such as “click-clack” and words which is great to emphasise the effect, well done!

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  3. Hey Mikaela, I can honestly say that you have thoroughly impressed me with this piece. I’ve read a bunch of these types of creative works by this point and without a doubt this has to be the best one (don’t tell anyone else I said that). Unlike many others the first person perspective didn’t feel forced, it read like I was reading a flow of thoughts, not a deliberately crafted creative work that is masquerading as stream of consciousness. I epecially liked the brief foray into a philosphical pondering, well done.

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  4. Hi Mikaela, great work on your creative paragraph, titled ‘The Flow of My Mind’. It is written beautifully and with great detail. The language of your work captured my attention, especially when you use the repetition of “click-clack”. It highlights the sounds of what is happening at that specific time. I can somewhat relate myself to your creative piece, for example, everyone has different thoughts and they always flow into the mind. Keep up the good work!


  5. Hi Mikaela!
    What a wonderful piece! The title “The Flow of My Mind” is definitely an indication of what to expect as I really feel as if I have been taken into your personal thoughts. All aspects of your writing make it a pleasant read. It almost makes you nervous with the onomatopoeia and constant rhetorical questions. An air of nervousness is created and it is perfect. None of it feels forced and I feel it delivers a good message as well as being imaginative along the way. Our thoughts are loud. Well done!


  6. Hey Mikaela,
    There’s not a single thing I don’t adore about this post! The first thing I love so much is its relatability to this current time… You’ve somehow managed to make your own flow of mind and thoughts something which I’m sure everyone living in this day and age – or at least in the West – can agree with, or identify with. I was especially floored by your statement: “My body likes to remind me of time passing when my mind doesn’t keep track”. I feel like that was the turning point of this piece, where there is a clear distinction between when you are focusing on the physical, and when you begin to turn inward. I’m so glad I got to read this piece. Don’t stop writing!


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